Amélioration des performances sur WPML Woocommerce Multilangual

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  • Be sure to check where problems are coming from. We use the Debug Queries plugin to check DB access and PHP processing.
  • Go to WPML->String Translation and make sure that the "Track where strings appear on the site" is not enabled.
  • Go to WPML->Languages and disable "Adjust IDs for multilingual functionality" If “Adjust IDs for multilingual functionality” is selected, WPML will perform SQL queries whenever the theme tries to load items with specific IDs. This is often required, but you can optimize it yourself.
  • You can turn off String Translation and try using .po/.mo files. For this you will have to enable "Translate using .mo files" option from wpml -> themes and plugins localization.
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Posée le 18 juillet 2016 13 h 17 min
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