Month: March 2016

Update to PHP 5.5

This week, we performed a server update to switch to PHP version 5.5.33. We strongly recommend ensuring that your scripts are up to date by using the latest available version. In most cases, this PHP version change will happen seamlessly. It's important to note that PHP 5.4 has reached its end of life, and no further security updates will be available. Therefore, we encourage you to transition to PHP 5.5 to ensure the security of your account, ...

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Pages AMP

Discover Google’s AMP pages.

An AMP page, or Accelerated Mobile Page, is a special version of a web page designed to provide a fast and seamless loading experience on mobile devices. It was developed by Google in collaboration with other industry players to meet the growing demand for fast and optimized web browsing on smartphones and tablets. The main goal of AMP pages is to deliver content to users instantly by significantly reducing loading times. This is achieved through a lightweight ...

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