Maintenance and security (law 25)

Maintenance et sécurité (loi 25)

Having an up-to-date website is essential for improving the security of your site and complying with Quebec's Law 25. By choosing our maintenance and backup service, you benefit from a comprehensive range of services that help strengthen the protection of your personal data.

Our service includes weekly updates of extensions and the platform of your website. This ensures that your site is always up to date with the latest security features and important bug fixes. Additionally, we provide you with 30 minutes per month for minor corrections in case of conflicts, ensuring optimal stability of your site.

Backups play a crucial role in the security of your website, which is why we perform daily backups of the database and weekly backups of files on a secure external server. This way, in the event of a breakdown or hacking, we can restore your site from a previous backup, minimizing data loss and downtime.

Furthermore, our service includes minor manual adjustments based on notifications from Google Search Console, such as 500, 404, 301 errors, etc. This ensures proper indexing of your website by search engines and better online visibility.

The 30-minute site check allows us to quickly detect any anomalies or potential attacks. We also record visitor statistics and data related to your site's positioning, providing you with a clear understanding of its performance and impact.

By choosing our maintenance and backup service, you not only improve the security of your website but also comply with Quebec's Law 25. We understand the importance of protecting your customers' personal information and take all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of this data.

Please note that in case of breakdown or hacking, there may be fees for restoring your site from a previous backup. In such cases, we will attempt a comprehensive update and make necessary corrections while providing you with a cost estimate before proceeding with the work.

Choosing our maintenance and backup service is a significant step toward improving the security of your website and protecting personal data in compliance with Law 25. Trust us to ensure the stability, performance, and compliance of your website.