Introducing Gutenberg to our list of trusted tools


WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) used to build websites for various businesses and organizations. There are several options for building and customizing a WordPress website, including Gutenberg, Elementor, and WP Bakery. Each of these page builders has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, according to our research, Gutenberg offers many advantages compared to Elementor and WP Bakery.

Firstly, Gutenberg is a built-in page builder in WordPress, which means there is no need to install an additional plugin to use it. This makes the installation and setup of your website easier. Additionally, being integrated into WordPress, Gutenberg benefits from optimal compatibility with the system and other plugins you may use on your site. It is a visual and intuitive page builder, allowing you to immediately see how your website looks as you build the pages. This saves time and avoids errors. Compared to Elementor and WP Bakery, Gutenberg allows developers to strike a balance between customization options and adhering to the initial structure. Gutenberg still offers a large number of pre-defined content blocks to help you quickly create pages, sections, and layout elements. Moreover, it is easy to add images, text, forms, and other content elements using simple content blocks. In comparison, Elementor and WP Bakery may require more time to add and customize content elements. Lastly, Gutenberg is an open-source tool, which means developers can create extensions and plugins to extend and enhance its functionalities. This ensures that Gutenberg stays up to date with the latest technologies and features for building high-quality websites. Being open-source, there are no hidden costs to using Gutenberg.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, page loading performance is also an important factor to consider when selecting a page builder for WordPress. Comparing Gutenberg, Elementor, and WP Bakery, it is evident that Gutenberg offers superior performance in terms of web page loading. It has been designed to be lightweight and fast, which means pages built with Gutenberg load faster than those built with Elementor or WP Bakery. This is due to how content blocks are managed by Gutenberg, which is more optimized for performance than other page builders. In conclusion, if you are looking for a page builder for WordPress that provides fast web page loading performance, Gutenberg is the ideal choice. It is lightweight, fast, and integrated into WordPress, ensuring web pages that load quickly for end users.

For these reasons, we have gradually introduced Gutenberg to our list of trusted tools. We have also developed tools that allow for easy management of the default style of elements under Gutenberg, without the need for programming. Gutenberg will therefore be part of our future proposals, with the aim of always offering the most suitable solutions and ensuring the sustainability of your platforms.