Internet Explorer and Next-Generation Browsers

In today's digital landscape, using a web browser is essential to access a multitude of online content. For many years, Internet Explorer was one of the most popular and widely used browsers, but it was also criticized for its flaws and limitations. As a web agency committed to providing optimal online experiences, we understand the importance of validating our development exclusively with the latest generation of browsers. In this article, we will explore the flaws of Internet Explorer, examine usage ...

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Why Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers numerous benefits, and Cloudflare stands out by providing a comprehensive and high-performing solution for content delivery on the web. Whether you are a small business, a rapidly growing startup, or a global enterprise, leveraging a CDN like Cloudflare can significantly enhance user experience and website performance. One of the primary advantages of a CDN is improved page loading speed. By distributing your content across servers located in various regions worldwide, Cloudflare ...

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Michaël Hébert

Our team is growing!

Elefen is extremely delighted to welcome Michaël Hébert to our dynamic team as a full-stack web programmer. His expertise in back-end development, databases, and system management is a valuable addition to our team. In addition to his technical skills, Michaël also brings essential human qualities such as honesty, determination, and friendliness. As a full-stack web programmer, Michaël will be responsible for creating and maintaining comprehensive websites, with a focus on server-side development and database management. His mastery ...

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Elefen Communications

Welcome to Elefen Communications

Welcome to Elefen Communications, your ultimate destination for all your web service needs. We take pride in being the successor to William Larochelle Web Programmer, and we provide you with all the resources required to meet your specific web service requirements. At Elefen Communications, we understand that every business is unique, with its own goals and challenges. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of web services to help you achieve your online aspirations. Whether you need ...

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